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Ayurvedic Herbs

Director : Mr. Ritwik Yogi

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Mobile : +91-7877777060 / 9928920406

Certification and Affiliations : Ritha Powder, Ritha Powder in Rajasthan India

Our focus on quality is backed by third party certifications and industry affiliations. As a leader in our industry, we believe in not only meeting, but exceeding industry standards for quality. We actively maintain certification requirements and reach beyond these standards to promote the highest level quality products and services.We are committed to operational excellence, safety, and people- and planet-friendly practices. Our certifications provide independent validation of this commitment, and—we think—look great on all our materials.

We continually strives to improve and excel in all activities, address every aspect of personnel, commercial and technical development, and never assume that a position has been reached beyond which there can be no improvement.


In order to demonstrate our commitment to quality, our Quality System has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 2200:2005 standards. Compliance is confirmed with an annual assessment by a JAS-ANZ and DAC accredited certification bodies respectively.


Overall responsibility for ensuring that the systems and procedures are followed rests with the Quality Assurance Manager. However all employees are responsible for and directly contribute towards, the quality of our products and services, by ensuring the system is operated in accordance with our internal documented procedures and work instructions.


The importance of customer focus and the need to meet regulatory requirements is communicated to all employees, ensuring that attention to product quality and customer support is inherent throughout the whole company. Along with the ISO registration, YS is also an GMP certified company.