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OUR PRODUCTS - Bhringraj Powder

We pride to offer you our 100% Pure, Natural and Fresh BHRINGRAJ POWDER that is prepared by precisely executed manufacturing processes, including cleaning, drying and pulverizing the best quality Eclipta Alba Plant Leaves to get the finest quality Bhringraj Powder. The especially developed bhringraj powder helps in reducing hair fall and premature hair graying, it stimulates hair growth by strengthening hair roots, and acts as a natural hair cleanser to give healthy hair. The word 'Bhringraj' means “King of the Hair”, i.e. the King of all Hair-Care Herbs, as specified in the Ayurveda. We prepare our Herbal Products with special care so as to retain the basic medicinal properties of the herbs. Our finished products are rich in principle medicinal essence, and are absolutely free from any synthetic additives, artificial coloring agents, pesticides or other harmful chemical substances. Thus, our herbal powders are 100% Natural, Pure & Safe!

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: In the Ayurvedic System, Eclipta Alba, as with all other herbs, is classified according to its qualities, taste, physiological effects, etc. Ayurveda states that it is: Taste – Katu (Pungent), Tikta (Bitter) Quality – Rooksha (Dry), Laghu (light to digest) Energy - Ushna (Hot) Post Digestive Effect - Pungent, i.e. undergoes a pungent taste conversion after digestion. According to Ayurveda, these qualities characterize the medicinal effects of Eclipta Alba on the body, and are expressed in Ayurvedic terms as balancing for Kapha, i.e. balancing for the moist and unctuous tissues and anabolic systems of the body such as fats and fluids, and balancing for Vata, i.e. the nervous system and catabolic functions.

USES / APPLICATIONS: It is good for the hair and skin, expels intestinal worms, cures cough and asthama and strengthens body. The expressed leaf juice, applied along with honey, is a popular remedy for catarrh in infants. A preparation obtained from the leaf juice boiled with sesame or coconut oil is used for anointing the head to render the hair black and luxuriant. An oil prepared with amla, bhringraj and sometimes with brahmi is well known in India as Amla Bhringraj oil, which is said to blacken the hair. Plant is rubbed on the gums in toothache and applied with a little oil for relieving headache and with sesame oil in elephantiasis. Roots of Eclipta alba are emetic and purgative. It reduce inflammation, obstructive swelling and pain from the liver and blood. They also calm stress and nourish the hair roots. The Bhringraj is a well known hair tonic, helping to stop hair loss. If hair are turning gray prematurely, the color will return to natural.

DIRECTION FOR USE: The key to growing hair is improvement of blood circulation which needs a massage. So take about 4-5 tsp of bhringraj oil – more or less according to your hair length. Heat it gently for about half a minute. Apply this lukewarm oil all over your scalp and hair length. Massage the scalp in circulatory motion. It is best to get someone to do it for you while you relax.

2. Next take small partitions of your hair and gently tug at your hair roots to stimulate them. Massage your head for about ten minutes and leave the oil on the scalp at least for an hour.

3. Overnight soaking gives you best results. Use a towel on your pillow to prevent staining.

4. For best results, wash it off with a natural hair wash or a mild shampoo.

Repeat this at least twice a week. Many women have seen dramatic changes in their hair withing a month of usage.