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OUR PRODUCTS - Kapoor Kachri Powder

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: We are delighted to offer you our 100% Pure, Natural and Fresh KAPOOR KACHRI POWDER that is hygienically prepared with the naturally/organically collected from some special geographical regions in India that are well-known for cultivating best quality kapoor kachri. This premium grade, finely-sifted fresh kapoor kachri powder is prepared by precisely executed manufacturing processes, including cleaning, drying and pulverizing the raw herbs to get the finest quality product. We prepare our Herbal Products with special care so as to retain the basic medicinal properties of the herbs; so these are rich in principle medicinal essence, and are absolutely free from any artificial coloring/ flavoring/aroma agents, sterilizers, synthetic solvents, pesticides/ insecticides or any other chemical substances. Our kapoor kachri powder is 100% Natural, Pure & Safe!

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: The plant is known to contain essential oil, starch, resins, organic acids, glycosides, albumen, accharides and chemicals like sitosteroland, furanoid, diterpene-hedychenone and 7- hydroxyhedychenone. These chemicals are stimulates the carminative, emmenagogue, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, aromatic, astringent, stimulant, stomachic and tonic properties in the plant which are very useful in treatment of several ailments and makes it medicinally very important.

USES / APPLICATIONS: Used in nausea, bronchial asthma, halitosis and vomiting. Also useful in diminished appetite, hiccups, local inflammation etc. It is useful in the treatment of liver complaints. It is also used in the treatment of indigestion and poor circulation due to thickening of the blood.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Take the required quantity of powder, add little water, mix well and make a thick paste. Gently massage rotating the fingertips on scalp. Wait for 30 min - 1 hr. Wash thoroughly with water.