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Ayurvedic Herbs

Director : Mr. Ritwik Yogi

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OUR PRODUCTS - Ayurvedic Herbal Powders

We have come up with an exclusive range of Ayurvedic Herbal Powders which are made from the finest quality raw herbs, procured either from the traditional farmlands or quality driven botanic gardens. These herbal powders are prepared by precisely executed manufacturing processes, including cleaning, drying and pulverizing the raw herbs to get the finest quality product. We prepare our Herbal Products with special care so as to retain the basic medicinal properties of the herbs. Our finished products are rich in principle medicinal essence, and are absolutely free from any synthetic additives, artificial coloring agents, pesticides or other harmful chemical substances. Thus, our ground herbs are 100% Natural, Pure & Safe!


Lodhra Powder
Tulsi Powder
Anantmool Powder
Arjun Powder
Green Tea
Ashoka Powder
Bael Fruit Powder
Bael Leaves Powder
Bala Powder
Fennel Powder
Giloy Powder
Gaozaban Powder
Gokshura Powder
Gurmar Powder
Kiwanch Powder
Mulethi Powder
Nagarmotha Powder
Safed Musli Powder
Shallaki Powder
Sahijan Powder
Vijaysaar Powder
Shatavari Powder
Jamun Powder
Rasna Powder
Isabgol Powder
Clove Powder
Ginger Powder
Harad Powder
Revand Chini
Chirayata Powder
Kali Musli Powder
Chitrakmool Powder
Black Pepper Powder
Ashwagandha Powder


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